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Rookies for especially on what forever It's going to get worse before his mother just is one of those. There's just a lot of things that happened. I mean, there's There's a reason why I mean the rookies. Hardness Result. Hall of Famer yesterday that was conducted in that has suddenly one quarterback ratings for the year. It's not easy. Played quarterback in the state as a as a rule, especially for black puts out, but it is it is going to get worse before it gets better. But he's at that point out what he's going to be able to stack up days and Got all the utmost confidence in him Disability disbelieve to figure out uh, mistakes correctly called the grain, even servants, Okay? Yeah. I mean, he's not lying. He knows exactly what's going to before his quarterback in Zach Wilson. He's not going to go out and be packing the homes from day one. Not with that football team. They don't get that kind of personal around him. So to quote my boy in Fitzsimmons, okay? Yeah, And guess what. If you didn't read the transcript? My one thought would be didn't understand a damn already said in the Wind tunnel. Need to be closer to the microphone. Maybe that was it. You know what I say? I say that every rookie quarterback should walk up to Peyton Manning. And say Thank you. Because every rookie quarterback from here until the end of time will always get a pass their first year because there will always here. Remember Peyton Manning at a horrible first rookie year, and he's in the whole thing. Chris, Let me ask you a question, Joe Nemeth. They're a bunch of guys. Let me ask you a question,

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