Unqork's Head of Platform Strategy, Ken Gavranovic, on What Drew Him to Unqork

Code Story


This is creation story at uncork uncork as a product is is the concept of enterprise software development often times different. Enterprises are building very similar software. In the second you write code. You've got maintenance and so the idea for encore was what if we can build the kind of enterprise grade building blocks so that you can build a repeatable no maintenance no dat solution and so that's kind of the fundamental course you can go in a what's the business problem trying to solve in. I'm gonna drag drop enterprise create solutions and build it and it's been amazing uncork stun prior to my arrival. You think about know in the in the middle of cove it you know. Working with new york city to deliver millions of meals to ta- customers or you think about bentley working with state so that they can innovate and deliver that relief to people. That really need it so kind of you know doing just doing good in the world and at the same time helping some of the largest enterprises around the globe build applications faster and more customer centric whether it be goldman black rock marsh. Liberty principal tremendous tremendous progress. So what i would say is to me. Uncork allows businesses to focus on their key differentiator and built quickly built enterprise applications that meet their customers needs so I've been involved in a lot of transformational things cryer jenny joining uncork iran product and engineering company called new relic which basically made sure that the internet works. Right has high quality solutions and i heard about unimportant. Where three things that really got me excited about it. You know as one. I'm a big believer. That culture matters and purposeful culture. And so i think leaders you know gary and team had really been purposeful in the culture that they were trying to do secondly something that would change the world because uncork is not only changing the way enterprises build develop maintained enterprise software but it's also making development more accessible right so not if you have the developer mindset. You could do it. And then third just a huge opportunity where i felt that the only question was who's going to drive this fundamental change in the way enterprises again maintain a build and develop software. So that's what brought me to uncork in. It's it's an exciting right. Have been here almost nine months. Now

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