Mike Richards Slated to Be Next Jeopardy Host


We'll after all that jeopardy has a host. I'll come on. tell me executive. Producer rob jeopardy. Might richard jonah goldberg. Thank you very much. Everyone tim for real for real official over lavar for rila guerrilla variety reports a source close to the deal a source close to their thinking. He's according to our own reporting. He's in advanced negotiations from to replace alex. Trebek's that's alright. Even signed on the dotted line yet. Not official yet. I still hold out. Hope for jordy la forge their reading rainbow guy. Lavar burton well. He's executive producer he he previously hosted divided the pyramid. Let's make a deal the releases right. So he's he knows what he's got. He's got experience and we just had that that poll last week Jen found where he he ranked very highly in asia. Survey came in second among the fans. They're trying to say ken jennings was like a ball. As like who. The guy likes ken jennings. Nobody liked jerk. Yeah but this this richards. What's his first name. Mike mike richards he was. He was good looking neapolis very he was very homey. It's like you already knew him though. I was just thinking about wink martindale. There's some and and what was the one with the microphone. With the mass match mattresses microphone was feet long and sort of talk to somebody. Russ this age. He would just point it forward. He didn't have to move to talk to him. You just go and who is on password. What was oh joan. London's she was always on password. Paso i'd think about dick clark. Was the twenty five thousand dollars. Pyramid was the host of the gong. Show who he was a spy. Chuck barris read his autobiography. One of the most amazing lives of all time. It's amazing he was a multi multimillionaire because he he produced in created. Most of the game shows you know. Wow it was amazing spy for the us government or so probably. That's what he also wrote. That song down at palisade park really wrote that. Wow barris was amazing. Was he was great. Alan lund lead ludlow. Ludden was with the password. Art linkletter to right.

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