Cuomo Crumbles: Good Riddance to the Corrupt New York Governor


Is what he wrote in his book while the crisis was still going on people who call themselves. Progressives must be examples of why americans should trust us. Their service must be honorable and productive. They must be willing and able to make hard choices to effect. Change and deliver results. They must make things better if they failed to do that. Or one reason the other they set the progressive 'cause back and they give americans more reason to distrust us. He writes on page fifty six. I'm part of the system. Because i want to change the system. You need part of the system to be the most effective in changing it. But don't ever suggest that. I'm part of the failure in the system. I consider myself a counter politician. That may sound like a nuanced difference but to me. It's all the difference in the world page two thirty nine. He says accountability matters. If you don't want to be accountable you shouldn't be in a government position. Well i guess you have now lived that out. mr cuomo. Don't want to be accountable. And you're no longer going to be in a government position. He says. I've learned something as i've gotten older. Ultimately the truth wins out. He says it still amazes me and heartens me that people just want the truth competence and confidence from their leaders. It's all about the details and achieving results especially when it's life or death making the bureaucracy work unbelievable hubris. I understand why some state governments in the federal government ran from the challenge. It's really hard. We'll andrew cuomo. You're running from something else right now and it's a completely different challenge. Andrew cuomo has resigned as the governor of new york quite honestly good riddance the self righteous narcissist mob boss king and yes. The replacement will be worse but doesn't mean it's going to be more corrupt corrupt machine style. Politicians like andrew the corruption of the george washington bridge the corruption in the nursing home scandal. Andrew cuomo is going to find a new

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