Charging Stations (MM #3848)

The Mason Minute


The NASA minute. With Kevin mason with gas prices rising and a lot of people starting to talk about electric vehicles. I've often wondered the one part of the problem that nobody seems to be talking about. And that's availability of charging stations. I just saw where some Midwestern governors have got together to create a regional charging station network that they'll all be responsible for. Because the big problem with any electric vehicle right now is how long you can drive it. As I've always said, I'm interested in electric vehicles, but I'll never be able to take it on a trip to Indiana because you've got to stop for charging for a half an hour or an hour or however long it takes, and that's inconvenient. Sure, gas prices are going to keep going up and while electric vehicles are becoming more and more prevalent. We've got to start worrying about the infrastructure to the electric vehicle market. I hear there's one company that can do a charging station a rapid charge in 15 minutes to fully charge your electric vehicle. If we're really serious about getting rid of the gas guzzlers and going electric, they've got to fix this problem first before anybody even myself starts considering going electric. Somebody will figure it out, but what it's going to cost me? Well, that's what concerns me most.

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