Will the New Supreme Court Be Brave and Overturn Roe v Wade?


Given the new supreme court the new. The new justices that are. Do you think ravi way roe. V wade could be overturned in the next few years. Do you think it's possible you think how would that happen. It's definitely possible that roe v wade case law is so bad even pro-abortion legal experts say it's so bad it doesn't make sense. It doesn't hold together. It's constantly shifting precedent. Why abortion is so-called. Women's right it's not. It's killing a child You know that takes intellectual clarity and courage from the supreme court justices and they're typically supreme court's really Tries to be very moderate. They don't like to do anything dramatic. They definitely don't like undo pass precedent. That's only been done a handful of times in american history right to right. The wrongs dread scott and other terrible cases like that. So i think it's gonna be a hard push for them. But i think that someone like justice. Clarence thomas has it in him. The courage the clarity the intellectual clarity and with the right leadership on the court. They should undo the damage bro. They should just say this isn't invented. Human rights to kill a child doesn't exist. The state has an interest to protect these children. The fourteenth amendment ensures equal protection under the law that should be for all humans including pre-born humans. They're not you know less than a born human Do i think they're going to do that. With this case. I think that would be a long shot. Just because they're kind of timid by nature a lot of these justices and some of them are just outrageous tonight to say cowardly. That's another correct word to you. Back the fact that they were unwilling to look at the evidence in the election fraud that was a staggering thing. Because nobody says how you have to rule but would you look at the evidence. The fact that they wouldn't even look at the evidence. It's a chilling thing really that they are already playing politics. They're already abandoning their roles as arbiters of the constitution when when they do things like that so they are human beings are capable and something like that. That's a debate. There's two sides of that debate but when it comes to human life life life. There's no debate on when life begins. I mean this is just shouldn't even be a matter. You don't get to legislate away the right to live a whole group of people. But that's what the supreme court did in one thousand nine hundred eighty needs s. It needs to be

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