Why God Wants Us to Be United in Christ


Judges chapter twelve verse. Four then jeb. The gathered all the men of gilead and fought with f frame and the men of gilead struck f frame because they said you are fugitives of f. Renew gilead i'ts in the midst of ephraim and manasseh. Read this verse. Because it's a concise summary of civil war. Among god's people in this point in the book of judges god's people are turning against each other and are fighting against each other in ways that are obviously destructive for them and ultimately dishonoring displeasing to god. And we see this picture and judges and then we read the rest of the bible and we see this tendency over and over and over again. And it's all over the new testament church even as i've been preaching through. First corinthians of spin reminded of divisions among god's people and tendencies among god's people to turn against one another i think about jesus prayer for us is god's people before he went to the cross like this is the one thing. He was praying for us as he transitions in john. Seventeen to praying for those. Who would believe in him through the witness of his original disciples and he praised that we be one just as he and the father are one. And so it's it's pretty clear what god desires for us as his people

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