A highlight from How Pineapples Became A Hashtag



All right proof listeners. I want you to close your eyes. Okay except for those of you driving or operating heavy machinery. The rest of you. Close your eyes. i'm going to take you to a special place. I want you to picture yourself standing outside in the sun. It's a hot and humid day and in front of you is a perfectly ripe pineapple. it's into cubes. It's cool to the touch. You bite into one and it's indescribably sweet. A touch of tartness incredibly juicy. It tastes like a tropical summer condense until one delicious bite Can you picture the moment. Can you tell that you're standing on the bustling streets of taipei. Taiwan is an island. That's positively pineapple. Matt you'll find it in more than just fruit form. Pineapple is baked into cakes and served in beef noodle soups and this year. Pineapples have become a source of intense civic pride for the taiwanese today on proof from america's test kitchen. We'll bring you a story that's more than just about a delicious fruit. There's fighting geopolitical. Strife a social media. Hashtag that goes viral a lot of incredible sounding food and most importantly the question of what it means to be taiwanese. I'm kevin pang.

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