A highlight from The episode where Dota matchmaking is at an all time worst


In the thanks again kind of underpants. Do i wear thank you for joining us for. We say things episode one fifteen suns fan with syndrome and suzy is very interested in what type of underpants where i. I can't sadly it's downstairs. So i can't show you maybe we'll make this a segment later on for another episode. We can put that in notch that and we were we were talking about. What kind of boxers or underpants we wear and i was convinced that you wore tidy. Whitey's and i'm shocked to hear that you don't it's weird. Yeah i yeah i just. Don't i I wear boxer. Briefs i'm sorry to disappoint and i have yet. I say oath wear boxer briefs anticipation of course. I think people no offense to be the people that do are tidy whitey. That are adults. I find that very strange. And that's why. I thought that you would have won them. Because i'm very strange. It would fit perfectly. I literally can't picture you. Thank you without tidy. Whitey is on. i can't. I can't do it anyway. Yeah episode one fifteenth center in We got some shots for our patrons or beautiful in bruges patrons This first name. I thank you to your friend andrew. It's has zero or zero vowels. Thank you semper pies. It has the why why is not always available. It so bowel here. Oh actually j. right. Maybe it's a constant under semper fi. Hakuna matata the guy in the chair. Lucas frankel commander donut. I'm playing position. Five in real life. Bread sheeran banzai wiseguy. Chicken potpie truecar. Playing driving online is so shitty. His second spell should be called victor. Blast the mega pope. It's time to rhyme the lime of crime and time to water elephants. ti in new zealand. Zan xavier nathan zero one. Hams croat's bacon. And this is the only time i'm not gonna put up a fucked up name here. I just want to give a shot at my good friend. Oem or gym or ogm. to change it so twice now. Fuck erect all right shark tim. Pro counter strike one point six player. Those are two different people but not panda. Dopp sauce neck in japanese is nicole as i am. Half japanese didn't he spill chestnut differently last time. Interesting all right. What is it always did nothing to see here. Underscore man ben broomhead started the nba because sunshine but started going for the lakers before finding out suns fan hated them law and he still hasn't changed apparently. So it doesn't care that much pitch-black wouldn't aftertaste anonymous. Og fan of sun pharaoh and his battles with moses the centerman og fan of the sun not og. Peter dogs can sniff at the same time as breathing. Niebling home pirker. Douglas suns fan center insanity than slacks. I forgot suzy marina. Thank you thank you guys for the in bruised. Here support for the podcast. And if you like the podcast and wants to support it you can check out our patron page. There's different tiers with different little perks. See if that's something you wanna do and you enjoy what we do. Any named one person in supposedly in brooklyn dirk touche all right quickly. Nba segment the nba. Draft happened is the first one. I haven't watched in years over a decade at least more than that because the sun's didn't they traded away their only pick so just didn't care Then the trading deadline or the the trade and free agency period started. So there's a bunch of moves. And i not people have been asking me my opinion. I'm just going to give the t. l. dr. We re signed chris paul to a contract right. Yep he's the musician. He plays flute very instrumental instrument as it were a he was signed to a four year. One hundred twenty million dollar contract which he's very old k he's like thirty six which is pretty ancient and people like wow. I'm almost the same age. Actually yeah very old. If you're younger than him yeah slightly and then you can call them old. It's fine thank you so people are like you know. The sons made a terrible mistake to sign up for so long blah blah blah. But the reality of the situation is the last two years enough guaranteed. So it's not nearly as bad as a looks so two years of guaranteed which he should be playing relatively while at that point and then if he ain't good enough after that get rid of them And then the big thing. Cinder man the la. Laker people have been asking me all day while i stream about this the l. a. lakers have just cleaned house. They've gotten a ton of new free agents they're all old decrepit man carmelo. Anthony has joined them. They traded for russell westbrook. And everybody's talking about how. They're so good and i might be eating my words here in a few months but russell westbrook fucking sucks balls. He is a chemistry that while still dillard basketball com his contract and the way that the nba's played he is just not good.

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