A highlight from #435 Cockfighter with Rojo Perez


The first time. I did that store. Impor- the rico. There yeah howling howling. Laughter did. Because i didn't have braff. This will happen area. They loved the story. Roseanne rosedale rules our hope we hoc Welcome to ours. I got the tank. Podcast our fear. Let's just get into this well. I do the dates. Real quick dates out the gates august. Twenty ninth nine with big joe goodson in pittsburgh. Pennsylvania second show added Get tickets at ari shapiro dot com. I'm also a big jay and miami. September thirtieth october first and second Me and big. J. co headlining And miami get tickets. Now at ari shapiro dot com in between those dates in in september. I'll be in nashville september eleventh weekend with just a read mephistopheles member Follow by tacoma and spokane the weekend the sixteenth weekend of the twenty third with ryan o'neal from danish o.'neil and matt edgar for matter Orlando and tampa november with Steve simone and then in december got oklahoma city and san antonio who knows who come with me to those ari shapiro dot com for tickets and then In january. I got cleveland in denver. In february tickets are on sale now for denver that will sell the fuck out so jump on tickets ahead of time for that ari shapiro dot com for tickets. Now it's out of the way. Let me take you back. We take it back to two thousand seventeen late march. I met a man on a plane in between bali and nope sorry in between flora's island and coupon he told me he just on five years of missionary service in each team. And i was watch. I look out for. He goes you wanna stay at the rossello hotel in dili but he also told me about cockfights what he goes. Oh yeah there's cockfighting there. I know mike for real. It goes you had never been to one. But that's what i've heard. And i was there for five years mika's by the way very very christian Country so i landed. I checked out the rossello hotel. I got there and then immediately i went on the hunt to find myself. Some fuck in rooster fights guys buckle up. It's going to be a long intro. So i got there and I checked in a girl named named named petey at this rossello hotel and her. She didn't speak much. English spoke mostly Tattoo tomb Language vs team or which. I learned a little bit. I fucking went and tried to learn a translate. There's also fucking a ton of different types of tattoos so If you're going to do that shit where you learn a language and then fuck in Try to join a local east t- more to more or less day. Have you wanna say it is not the country to do that. Half the fucking translations a portuguese. They speak mr portuguese bahasa indonesian and tattenham. Which is i don't know what the fuck i think. It's just them trying to be different kind of like israel when they were like. Let's go hebron nobody speaks hebrew. It's a dead language. let's do it anyway. We're difficult also send soup back. It's cold so i got there all my fucking notes for this by the way today in the pocket. I'll talk about a second. We're talking about here is. Let's get the exact date here in march into march checking the rossello hotel forty five dollars a night walk for some food. A bit frightened came back. Because i got warnings mornings from a friend of mine In the us army and he said be careful. there are bandits in in In dili mike hannukah bandit is so i was fried. I remember that. I came back at ten pm. T t t t and her daughter and her husband rudolf. He gave me some tips and some good convenient. English zeller has spent years albany studying so this interesting. I have just found a ticket from the museum of resistance. Museum of history of the independence of the east timorese people. Damn i fucking remember that thing man. I remember landing there and just being fucking out of it and just like everything was frightening and shit these guys like how do find these cockfights and he goes. What's a cockfight back. When roosters fighting against each other and i wanna find something and he was like a really ought to do that. The yeah have you ever been. I guess. When i was younger he goes really interested in like. I'm so interested in that. So how do i find him. He goes it's saturdays and wednesdays. I'm guessing on those days. I think it saturdays and wednesdays saturdays and wednesdays behind them all bind the dili mall dili's the capital of team or less day. So i went on my search for a motorbike that i can use all the places that used to give them. These the red zone were fucking done so it took me about two days to find an actual motorcycle. They rent and i got one. And then once i got one i was like well. I gotta go. Try to find these cockfights so took my motorbike. Had it went down to the daily mall dillydally. Yeah and so. I'm there and i'm circling on the parking lot. And i'm like i don't know where the fuck cockfights would be in back right so there's a parking lot in the front parking lot in the back and i'm like okay. I guess it's around the back. And when the baxter's the fucking party-line a regular parking lot and mike how gonna find this shit. I'm just looking around my way with their cockpits. I don't know what's a cockfight ring. You know like what are these things even like

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