The Creation Story of THRV With Founder & CEO Jay Haynes

Code Story


Jj haines has always been interested in tech just like his dad in nineteen seventy nine. His dad bought and brought home an apple two plus though he was using it for his business to do spreadsheets. Jay began writing code so he could play video games for free riding his games and basic. It's worth noting that this was back when you had to pay a quarter to play video game. His dad was a navy pilot and hobbyists sailplane flyer which j. flu as well even to thirty thousand feet in the air as he says he got grounded as soon as he got married and had four kids early in his career. J. got into finance and quickly became familiar with using debt to get equity returns however he was always interested in the core innovation of why customers buy new products and why they switch throughout his career his time at microsoft schooling start obliged etc. He found out that no one really had the secret sauce innovation. He started evaluating new ways to do it and came across the jobs to be done theory which became the foundation to what he's built. Today this is the creation story of thrive at thrive we build enterprise product management software for product teams are software is built from the ground up around methodology known as jobs to be done and jobs we don in its very simplest form. Is the idea that your customers are actually not buying your products. What they're doing is hiring it to get a job done. If you're on a product team and you want to create a product strategy and a product roadmap that is going to be successful. meaning it's going to generate more customers and it's gonna get customers to switch from your competitors to your product to build that kind of product strategy you should think about your markets in terms of the job. Then you're costumer is hiring your product to do rather than just your product in your features. We mentioned music before. Because i view on eight tracks cassettes cds. What's interesting about that. Market is a great example. Job done so the job. There is to create a mood with music. That's what we're doing whether you're using a record seedier streaming service or string quartet you're trying to create a mood with music and that job is the same. It's never gonna change. So the power of the method behind our software is it gives teams stable target to aim at and try and

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