The Tokyo Olympic Games Come to an End


More than two weeks of competition in thirty three sports across forty six disciplines in forty three venues for a total of three hundred thirty nine medal events. The tokyo olympics formerly came to an end on sunday with the closing ceremony. We'll joining me now. Is monaco tokyo bureau. Chief of funeral. Wilson you're not as we know. These games were delayed for year because of the pandemic when they did finally go ahead. It was in the face of a great deal of opposition from the japanese people. How do they feel now hydrogen. Well that's very question. I think you know the early polls saying that slight majority of people were okay with with the government going ahead with the games. But i wouldn't say that was a lot of enthusiasm over for the games are very pleased with the way japan did for good. Tv viewing figures. Appreciate good. but i think just going out and about in tokyo you sat and you felt like the city was slightly disconnected from the event. It was almost like the event was happening. Somewhere else People around tokyo couldn't go and see the event you weren't seeing athletes around the city so bit of a mixed picture Thrilled with the the tally of goals for japan. Which is the highest ever. But i don't know there's a slight feeling that You know. I felt like once it started. People just thought they were bit resigned. You did still see some protesters outside the stadium last night but i think the really hard opposition was worn away by the time the the event came around

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