Charlie Kirk Says COVID-19 Is Not the Leading Cause of Death


The right thing to do. How big of a threat is the chinese corona virus. Well every single day in the united states according to data that is publicly available as of two thousand nineteen one thousand eight hundred people die of heart disease. Why don't we lockdown burger king mcdonalds and wendy's and not locked down businesses of people that are trying their best to get by in fact. Why would we lockdown gymnasiums when people are actually literally trying to get healthy by the way this is daily. Let me just reinforce this. This is daily. One thousand eight hundred people die. Every single day of heart disease one thousand six hundred forty of cancer four hundred seventy by accident four hundred thirty of chronic lower respiratory disease. Four hundred ten of stroke their three hundred thirty of alzheimer's and now cova deaths are below three hundred twenty four. In fact yesterday there was seventy one confirmed cova deaths. Seventy one confirmed cova debts. And if you look at category by category last year included zero to seventeen years old three hundred and forty people died involving with one thousand nine hundred and alex berenson says that that is almost immeasurable. Statistically fifty one thousand two hundred thirteen people died from all causes from ages. Eighteen to twenty nine two thousand four hundred ninety three people died from coverted and ninety six thousand six hundred twenty five from all causes from thirty to thirty nine years old. Seven thousand one hundred forty five people died from cove in nineteen allegedly and one hundred thirty seven thousand people eight hundred forty nine from all causes you go category to category. Do you know that cova was not the leading cause of death for any single age group including last year including eighty five years and older including seventy five to eighty four. It was not the leading cause of death for any category or any group.

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