Texas Abortion Law: US Supreme Court Votes Not to Block Ban

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Earlier. This month in the middle of the night. The supreme court refused to block a texas law that bans most abortions that law is now the most restrictive abortion measure in the nation it bans abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy and establishes a sort of bounty system. That allows anyone to sue those involved in facilitating an abortion. This is a bigger than texas. The decision could be a blueprint of gutting. Roe v wade. The supreme court ruling that legalized abortion nationally is going to play out in the courts and while it does groups on the ground are figuring out how to adopt is ena. Zamora is the executive director of the fraud data fund they provide support and funding for those seeking abortions in texas rio grande valley. We're gonna talk about what this decision means for those seeking care and where the spite goes from here. A lot of us are in texas right now. We're not looking at this through the lens of someone who was there where using where in texas are you. I'm located in the rio grande valley so deep south texas along the us mexico border. What are you hearing from people in texas. There's a lot of confusion around the law and just people being upset. I think a lot of people think that this law just went way too far the biggest concern for most of the people who do abortion funding work is. How are we going to help. People get their abortion care in your own words. What is this legislation. Do so sp eight what it does is. It bans abortion past six weeks in texas. It is essentially a complete abortion banned because by the time. Most people know that they're pregnant. They're unable to get an abortion and texas. This also has a very cruel and specific civil litigation our civil cause of action that allows anybody to sue anybody else who helps quote unquote to aid and abet someone and getting abortion care in texas past six weeks

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