Lindsey Graham Defends Horseback Border Patrol Agents, Calls for 'Incompetent' Mayorkas to Resign


You know they put. They put fences around capital but the borders wide open to the tune of two million criminal immigrants to this invasion thus far and as democrats report from the border but twenty five percent of them have the wuhan and they're not tested and they're just laughing at you knuckleheads putting on your man. Who put your mask ron. I'm going to the supermarket really a. Why don't you pretend the supermarkets the emmys or barack hussein's party or the border senator. Lindsey graham was talking with show favourite martha mccallum yesterday about the disasters of this administration. Play that clip. Give me real quick quick. So all i can say is what biden has done is he surrendered the border to drug cartels cody's and human smugglers. He surrendered afghanistan to terrace. The taliban and al qaeda in a major terrorist attack is gonna come our way because between the combination of allowing afghanistan to fall back into terrorist hands and have a completely open and broken border here in the united states is just a matter of time that the terrorists come through that border to kill a bunch of us. And here's what. I want to say to the american people. The man on horseback is there to protect your family. The people rushing our border have put us all under siege. And i think the most inhumane things going on right now in america is that the men and women of the border patrol of been completely abandoned. Them god's scapegoat and treated like dirt by elected officials in the democratic party and this administration. So i'm not unhappy. I am pissed secretary. Marcus needs to resign. He's completely incompetent. The border is not closed. It has been surrendered. A man senator. Lindsey graham and bali needs if if if the democrats have the lord and the constitution and the love of america may orcas would be out. He's not incompetent. He's doing what he's being ordered to do. It's you got gotta look up the chain. The handful of people controlling those strings on biden's ira- ira- iraq. You could practically his job moving. They need a little more. Wd forty that jaw just like a puppet. Now

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