Used To Be (MM #3834)


The mason minute. With Kevin mason. We're living in a time when everybody wants to go back to the past. Go back to the way it used to be, but there is no turning back. And when I say used to be, we're talking the good old days, whatever that may be in your life. But I realized something just the other night. I don't want to go backwards. Some of my first memories, listening to basketball broadcast, listening to football broadcasts on a little a.m. radio, usually hearing my father do the call, and every now and again, let me go along with him. And I'm talking going back to the age of three, four years old, technology then, way behind what it is now, but it was still amazing to be able to do those things and I learned how to make those broadcast happen when you go from state to state. Anymore, you can do it with a cell phone, and amazingly, with the Internet, I could listen to my nephew, play football, thanks to some fancy technology. And I can't even imagine back in the 1960s, how that would have even been possible in my lifetime. What we're able to do and accomplish right now in this world is amazing. And what we can do in the future could be even more amazing. Simple little technology has made this world so beautiful. And at the same time, so scary for some.

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