The Nutritional Advantages of Oats

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Week. We're talking about oats. Oh so very good. I always feel that everyone needs to know oats. Yes absolutely so. What would you like to share about oats well other than than the the typical health benefits votes. There's actually two compounds in oats that i don't think very many people know about and so wanted to talk about those today but then also talk about the various types of oats. I think a lot of people have heard of these different types but they don't really know how they're prepared and what makes them different from each other. Good good good topic all right. Yeah so. I think most people probably know that oats Help lower cholesterol. He also helped to lower blood pressure and stabilize blood. Sugar levels have also been known to help people with diabetes. So that's a one of the important things and a lot of these benefits In the past were attributed to a particular type of fiber that's in the oats called beta glue can And that has really kind of gotten most of the attention in previous studies on oats and their health benefits. But we're coming to find out that Oats contain more than twenty unique polyphenol compounds which are like phytochemicals Called evanston reminds have strong antioxidant anti inflammatory and anti itching properties which is why people can use. Oats says a bath like if you get poison oak or poison ivy. Get that itchiness on your skin. The compounds and oats are known to reduce that. Oh so that's why that you know they're known for that And then there's a couple of other compounds called avino kocides that Together with the of the ninian through reminds and the venacuro sides. Which are i mean. Both of them are really hard to say. Yes but these are just polyphenol compounds They've also been shown to prevent colon cancer And also heart disease because they help to reduce the the production of nitric oxide in the artery and And also help with the smooth muscle in the artery. So they're they've been studied widely for this now.

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