De La Cruz, Sánchez Go Back-to-Back With Homers, Marlins Win


The Braves lead in the NL east is down to three and a half games over the Phillies following Atlanta six four loss to Miami Brian dela Cruz and hay Seuss Sanchez had back to back home runs in the eighth inning against Richard Rodriguez Braves manager Brian Snitker says Rodriguez may need to make an adjustment I love the fact that he you know I don't know if he throws the ball over and the better you know probably we're gonna need to he's gonna need to come up with something else just to get him off that fastball the rally came after the Marlins blew a three nothing lead in the fifth Rodriguez has allowed four home runs over his last three innings Anthony bass got the win with help from Dylan Flores ten save the Braves had won nine of eleven from the Marlins after dropping five of the first six in the season series I'm Dave Ferrie

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