The Cowboys Figure out a Way to Win When Things Aren’t Perfect


And the cowboys got that win. They did the. Nfl was a nailbiter seats. Wermer and i'm trying to think of other things you could apply to the cowboys first win of the season and it is here by the way we'll sort of like the open. It came down to the last few seconds that was greg's airline who was the goat. And i'm not talking about the greatest of all time. He was the goat after missing two field goal attempts to previous week against the buccaneers and appoint after temp but he was able to get it done yesterday. He lives in a he lives another week. And he's the guy. I mean he's he. He's a really good kicker. Although his quarterback dak prescott was Having to kind of watch from the sidelines go please please. Yes he kicked it. I mean Y'all's over there. Talking to omar checking on amar somewhat. Just trying to get my mind off of it. I guess obviously known in situation like that. You trust the teams and greg's are lying to put it through But yeah. I mean it was great. Obviously believing him make anyone did that and it was just a relief right. I mean the first one. I one a many in the first ones usually the hardest now. I'm not going to get into specifics. But there were some issues with clock management down in that final drive. The cowboys had it back with three minutes and change to go a lot more time than tom brady. Had the previous week when it was less than two minutes to go. But mike mccarthy and i don't know what was going on with keller more in their communication but they wanted to get a little farther down the field than having kick fifty six yarder but zor line had with his leg. Greg leg had more than enough distance yesterday that it could have gone farther than that than that if they needed it. I just know that. Mike mccarthy's happy to finally get this first one in the bow to come in here and win. This game was important on a number of

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