Will Carson Wintz Be Ready for Week 1?

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Good news from indianapolis where quarterback carson wentz and guard quentin nelson will return to practice this week on a limited basis to nelson nelson both coming off foot surgery in early august holtz head coach. Frank reich had this to say about his quarterback last week in the perfect world. We have a really good idea after that third preseason game and carson would get to work two weeks going into the first game. That's the perfect world. The nets perfect world is the only gets the work of game week. I don't know if that's going to happen would be week to week. Three is still some mystery here regarding the timeline on carson wentz. What do we make of the recovery. Time line here. It seems to be going pretty well. Kimberly what are you hearing. In terms of carson wentz in the colts yeah it was somewhat surprising just because the initial time was five to twelve weeks and you know when i asked people around the league. Oh carson may be back in practice. Look at this. they're like. Oh is that an indictment on the other guys. I don't think that's the case. But i think india's a very delegates only because we've seen frank reich Gold took in my opinion go above and beyond in solidify this carson's team then and we. I love nick foles. But this is carson's team gotta hear this nicole stock and it just seemed a little extra and when you think about how carson has been described by people in league as far he needs to feel security needs to feel wanted. He needs to know that this is his team. The colts clearly are doing that. So this tie him being back at practice so soon you want you wanna make sure that he's not rushing himself back before he needs to be because this is a team that could go really far

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