2021 College Football Betting Preview

Behind the Bets


Gentleman. I have picked the brain of many times. Jay romano pro. Better here in las vegas good to be with you. Thanks for having me all right well. We finally broke the seal. Got you on the pod. And i think it's a perfect situation. Do college win. Totals because the board has been hit pretty hard. But there's still a lot of opportunities out there and we're we're obviously. The calendars turned to mid august. We are ready to go Football season's right around the corner. So i know there's a lot of plays you like a little bit off the grid but i want to start the marquee ones and it's the one that's my favorite of a mall and i've talked about it a few times on daily wager. I believe i've even mentioned it here on the podcast but i am very very big on auburn under seven now the juices move some shops or six and a half. If you want to go six plus money that's fine. It's just so tough when you get the push at seven so i prefer the seven with the juice and it all comes down to the schedule. Not the only reason but the schedules really really difficult. And you've got bama. You got an got georgia. I don't think there's any chance auburn win those games. I know rivalry game and war eagle and all that stuff with the with the iron bowl but it's just auburn is rebuilding. And they have a new coach bryan. Hartson coming in from boise. State and bonex is just not materialize into the quarterback that everyone thought he would be. Maybe a new oc. Mike bobo will unlock. I'll just kind of have to see it to believe it. So in addition to obama. Georgia am there at lsu. They have all miss at home. You know at arkansas. And then there's there's this tough spots here and it's a team that's going to be lacking on offense defense. They're calling card. So i think i don't see how they go eight and four to lose this play. Well i i would definitely recommend Playing the seven laying the juice in this situation. I almost always gonna lay the juice versus taking maybe plus one ten plus one twenty on the under. It's definitely worth the extra half a game. I'm actually high on auburn this year. However i completely agree with you. The schedule is brutal. There's just no breeders for them. I think bonex. Could you know have an improvement. This year they can play well. It's just there's just not enough wings on the schedule. It really looks like they're ceiling is seven. It's just you know when you like. You said when you go to texas. Am have to play alabama lsu home against georgia. And then at penn state week three. It's just you forgot about the penn state game. I'm glad you mentioned that. Cause at the white out game in happy valley. yeah. And i'm looking headlines there between four and a half and seven and a half point underdogs So they can exceed expectations and still not go over this win total. Yeah no. it's a lot to ask. It's certainly a lot to ask but you're so you're high on wsb. Maybe as a dog and a lot of spots throughout the season. So i know you have some places. Well but notre dame under nine talk about not soft spots on the schedule that that's certainly stands out where you'll get the irish yet. The with them again is scheduled schedule. Schedule you know. I know there are top ten ranked team coming into the season but it is just absolutely unforgiving. Weakened weak outs starting at florida state where they opened about ten and a half eleven point favorites. It's down to seven and a half eight. That's not gonna be an easy task. Going into dough campbell on a standalone game in a national televised audience. Week one with a new quarterback Jet cohn was name started earlier this week. With up and down. Wisconsin played well and times. But we'll we'll have to see how he jumped there Notre dame is starting four new offensive lineman. They returned to starters on offense. It's it's a little early in the season For that type of test. So not only would. I looked afford a states Plus the points week one just a little bonus pick right there but the under nine for the season feels like a pretty safe option

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