'Shang-Chi' Tops Box Office Again With $35.8 Million


The latest Marvel movie continues a winning streak at the box office that brings our family after what was a surprisingly strong Labor Day opening for movies during the pandemic Shanxi in the legend of the ten rings the first Marvel movie to star in Asian superhero stayed on top in its second weekend in theaters collecting another thirty five point eight million dollars in ticket sales it's the second best weekend gross of any film during the pandemic edging out Black Widow on Friday Disney announced that all its remaining twenty twenty one releases including the internals will open exclusively in theaters and not on Disney plus at the same time Warner brothers horror thriller malignant with the stock debut of five point six million was also released on H. B. O. Max for subscribers disease Ryan Reynolds action comedy free guy also did well during its fifth week of release it's made two hundred and seventy six million dollars worldwide I'm Jennifer king

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