Charlie and Dr. Rashad Richey Debate the Threat of the Delta Variant Among Children


Delta variant has changed the game in many ways where now you have children who not only have the virus but they are experiencing adverse reactions from the virus. Look like never before. I take place. Called jackson county. Mississippi school superintendent. This guy decided to ignore all nineteen protocols. He says he's going to live a life. That's external of the fear of the pandemic. Will his school system. They have a seven percent. Cove it positive rating. They've already lost a schoolteacher. Here's the other dynamic. That people are considering you think children go to school in silos these children who can be carriers of covert nineteen can infect environment such as their parents their grandparents oh the peer groups people that their families associate with and then it becomes an issue of the ecosystem of our safety. Not just the silo of the school system very good. I i will respond. So i'm glad you brought up the delta variant so a lot of people have done some at least initial studies of the delta variant so according to dr roberta debiasi of the children's national hospital. She was asked about ari shapiro from national public radio about the delta verion the national public radio host said wait a second if kids under twelve or not vaccinated is is the delta variant a significant risk and she said quote children are still somewhat between twelve to fifteen percent of all kobe cases and still three to four percent of hospitalizations and we have not seen a huge change in that even with the delta variant. Now i'll add to that. Where the boston globe. Not exactly you know a politicized paper to the right ask. The question is the variant more severe in children. Dr sharon door and epidemiologist at tufts medical center says no. I've not seen any peer reviewed data or data from reliable sources. Suggest that so. I would submit. Doctor that there is no data. To show the delta variant has any harsher 'cause in fact the data shows the opposite

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