National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan Pushed Alfa Bank Claim at Center of Durham Indictment


Jake Sullivan Obama's national security adviser Ladies and gentlemen this guy is knee deep in the peepee hoax The collusion tape the collusion nonsense stuff He is knee deep in it and he is connected to a number of different people And he's got a real problem Now I am not under any illusions that the Republicans are going to grow a pair up in the hill and actually do anything about it But this guy's in real trouble right now And I'm wondering if John dorm the special prosecutor who indicted one of the Hillary Clinton lawyers involved in this case I'm wondering if he's looking at Jake Sullivan This guy is the national security adviser now to Joe Biden This guy is in on the highest of high level meetings folks and there's two things about this guy He either has the worst judgment in the history of a human being who sat in that NSA position or he is a liar potentially involved in a big conspiracy to frame Donald Trump There is no option C okay It's either one of those two things Why Well we unearthed some old video audio of Jake Sullivan on CNN which I'm going to get to in the remainder of the hour And some old comments by Jake Sullivan on CNN and Jake Sullivan who was Hillary Clinton's at the time foreign policy adviser seemed to be one of the biggest promoters out there of the whole peepy hoax collusion hoax I mean he's got these statements on record I'm going to play the audio and then I'm going to show you how he must have known the entire time Jake Sullivan that what he was saying was a fabricated lie He told everyone that tech experts were telling Hillary and I oh my gosh there's this big connection between Trump and the Russians Trump Tower in this alphabet server It's real but that's not what the tech experts were telling them How do we know because we have an indictment now in the case And we got our hands on those records ourselves

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