A highlight from Isabel Allende and Sandra Cisneros


That makes multitasking a breeze schedule meetings and seconds or reference and added multiple docks at the same time and now with their revolutionary. Spn you can jot down notes while video calling no paper necessary. Five g connection. Availability may vary check with carrier civilian is an extreme honor. And a pleasure to have you let you know. Welcome to thank you so much for having me. It's my pleasure and my honor okay. The first question. I have is like how do you tell your own story after writing so many others well. It's very different to write fiction than to write a memoir on there. Some connection in my case because i lie all the time so fictionally sent bunch allies when i tell my own life. I don't even know what's true. And what i've made up but it doesn't matter. I have the right to create my own legend. Don't i so so for me. It's easy to tell my life because she's also us being a life of ups and downs of great sorrow on also success of displacement so i have been always foreigner political refugee an immigrant and that gives me a How could i say that gives me the ability to look at myself on my life. A if i was a spectator i can look at it from a certain distance and that helps. I wanna talk a little bit about the muse or inspiration where you get inspiration for for the stories. That you towing your. I think that i keep repeating certain themes that are like obsessions. I talk about lob. I'm dead restorative justice loyalty courage strong women absent fathers those themes coming different forms. It would be a historical novel. Quite why choose that period that character because somehow it taps into what. I'm trying to to sorting myself. These themes that i mentioned or you could be a memoir or it could be little literary fiction a young adult novel. In every case i go back to those themes. Now where does name spearation come. I think that often for it's something that is in the air. Let me give you an example. Long battle of the sea is a story of refugees. I it's it's based on the life of a man. I knew when i was living in exile in venezuela and his name was victoria bay and Victim told me his story forty years ago but i never thought that i would write it until the scene of refugees and migrants was in the air. And everybody's talking about it and they're sold these anti immigrant sentiment on all this rhetoric that that that impacts me enormously. And then. I remember the story of victor bay and i tried it but so it. It's timing why why something needs to be written now. I'm not before or after because it's in the air. Do you ever fear that. You'll run out of stories to tell know. How could i ran out of tourists. Every human being has a story. I my my Emai- every day. I mean they add up to the hundreds. Sometimes i'm often. I would say several times a week. Someone is offering me her or his story because they feel that their life are special and that someone needs to tell it on. They don't dan writers. And i cannot do that. I have to write about the story. That is inside me that he's connected to me. I don't take other people's four stories. But i'm often inspired by the lives of other people. For example i have a foundation and through my foundation. I get to meet the most traumatized invulnerable strong and resilient women so i don't need to invent those characters they are there. I just need to bring them into the writing but we never run out of stories. I would rather run out of life. That's for sure. Hopefully that will be for a long time. You know what felix. I'll be eighty next year and i was telling my husband today that i feel stronger and more creative than at fifty i. I have a personal theory that you know women are made. Obviously women are made differently than men unites us get Get stronger and more powerful and more intense with the universe as you get older. It just happens. It's just that's been my no. I because when we get older bushman out of the way we don't need them anymore. Okay i will add that to my theory. okay. I do remember reading the quote from you. The you like when you write up when you try to write about a romantic demon book like to kill. Listen i kill helps aware around page one twelve. Because i i can't i find i can't stand the guy.

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