This Is What the Democrats Are Up to Today


What the democrats are doing today. Do you think you're tackling jew an anti semitism nunu. Do you think they're tackling the invasion on our border now. No the democrats are not allowed to do that. I allowed recognize think. They're demanding that if you break in america as a criminal immigrant you gotta do test. No dealing with inflation out of control. Inflation is since one thousand nine hundred eighty ish now. Nope nope nope. Nope not doing that. From the la times. The house today expected to vote to legalize abortion nationwide until fetal viability to when your baby gotta say fetal viability versus the baby. Living outside. mommy's belly says the legislation is almost certain. Fail in the senate. It would mark a historic victory for abortion rights supporters following decades. Long fight so of all this going on. Do you think the democrats standing together. Go dude stop with his ju- aiding knock it off. They liberal jews in. Congress stood up to demand that the semites leave immediately resigned. Newt this is. How far mashed things are the english word in that. I know we need to do. Stand that whole. We'll hand thing and the border invasion and you'll eagles aren't ecuador. Let's let's come together and make sure that people can kill the unborn up until what something weeks you kidding me. This is what they're focusing on. What a corrupt group done up there in d say

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