75 Doctors from Florida Hospitals Walk Out in Protest


You wanna talk responsible for just a moment. How irresponsible is it for a doctor to refuse to treat a sick patient because of a decision that that patient made regarding of vaccine. Is that responsible. I is that a violation of the hippocratic oath is a doctor supposed to pledge to do no harm first do no harm. I want you to hear this conversation. Between joe scarborough at msnbc and reporter kerry sanders about seventy five doctors who literally staged a walkout at a florida hospital. This happened apparently in south florida. Seventy five doctors marched out of the hospital saying they will not treat unvaccinated patients. Listen to this conversation over to. Msnbc would americans don't understand is for every unvaccinated person. That's filling up an icu. Bed that means with the hospitals jammed somebody with a heart attack. And i've known somebody in this position goes there has trouble getting in. Can't get treatment. Can't get a bed is a nightmare for the doctors. A nightmare for the nurses and doctors point of view. It's worse yet for sick people the want help from them. That is truly reflective of the frustration that you see behind me. These doctors have gathered some coming off their shifts to come out here gathering to try to tell people please first of all ignore the nonsense in the absurdities that you're hearing people say public meetings and recognize the value of what a vaccine will

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