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County Mayor Jerry Demings making that announcement during yesterday's press conference. It is still important ER That we pull together, get vaccinated and mask up to get a handle on the surge that we are presently experiencing. There are now more than 192,000 coronavirus cases reported in Orange County, and it wasn't all doom and gloom, Mayor Demings did say on Wednesday, we had the first day Orange County reported less than 1000 cases of Covid 19 in a week. Moving on or to another story here. Osceola County School Superintendent Dr Deborah Pace, joining Orlando's morning news to talk about the covid surge and its impact on the district. The contact Tracing becomes very complex for our school based administrators, but we are continuing to support them. We want to make sure we keep folks safe. Dr. Pace says the school board wanted to have pre K and grade eight students where their face masks, but parents can still opt their Children out. Face masks remain optional for high schoolers. The New York County Health Department is not able to keep up with the contact tracing amid central Florida's covid surge, county health officer Dr Raul Pino. We cannot assess every single case in the day that we received the case due to the large polio how complicated the process can be. So we are developing some strategies quickly. To respond to these needs. Part of the strategy is to increase the number of employees at the Health department. Dr Pino says. Part of the challenge is the number of parents who don't answer the calls of contract tracers following up on cases linked to Children. So if you get a call from the Florida Department of Health, Orange County, you better answer it. Lawmakers will hear from top Biden administration national security officials today. The Biden administration is briefing members of Congress today on the situation in Afghanistan. The House and Senate will get separate, unclassified briefings from Secretary of State Antony Blinken, chair of the Joint Chiefs General Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. Congress is currently on recess and members are back in their districts. The briefings come as the administration is facing increasing criticism about the chaotic evacuation process underway in Afghanistan and the Purity situation there. Karen Travers, ABC News Washington and the president is expected to deliver remarks on Afghanistan this afternoon will carry those comments live

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