OnlyFans Pulls a Tumblr

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Only fans announced late yesterday that it will be prohibiting users from posting any quote sexually explicit conduct unquote starting in october but will continue to allow nude photos and videos on the platform. So i guess that conduct word is key there now number one if the reaction on twitter is indicative of anything only fans is way more popular than i thought because everyone was freaking out about this last night number two. Remember when tumbler band porn. How did that work out for them. Number three. I didn't mention it this week but there were rumors floating around earlier this week. That only fans was struggling to find investors possibly due to hosting adult content a pitch deck that was circulating for only fans to attempt to raise money showed that the company was predicting five point. Nine billion dollars in gross merchandise value in twenty twenty one and one point two billion dollars in net revenue so they were looking for some financing that would value them above a billion dollars in aid of probably going public sometime in the near future. Quoting axios the rain group. A merchant bank focused on tech and telecom. This past spring began helping only fans to solicit investors several deep-pocketed firms quickly past not even engaging in serious due diligence. The money it's hoping to raise with partially cash out majority owner and porn. Mogul leo radinsky. While providing management with what one venture capitalist calls more legitimacy by the numbers any other company with growth like only fans would be able to raise big money in a matter of minutes in short only fans has a porn problem even though it never once mentions porn in it's pitch deck something that multiple investors called disingenuous some. Vc funds are prohibited from investing in content per limited partnership agreements. Several investors are concerned about minors creating subscription accounts. Although the company says it has controls in place to prevent that some investors say they could get past the porn but worry that the company's reputation would prevent it from attracting brand partners despite this week announcing a safer work product that features it's growing number of clothed

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