A highlight from S5 Interview: Executive Producer Scott Marder


Enthusiasm dot com slash shop ego that link and anything you get on that site of you will support us in some way shape or form but you have to go that link. If you don't then you're just giving public money and i mean we don't care about them. Is that really what you want. Is that really okay. Is is early in and in also patriot on. We still have our patriot. Patriotic dot com slash apathetic enthusiasm to all our patrons out there. We appreciate you. I went on a trip last week. So i we haven't released the second episode commentary but we plan to release that this week at the at the latest travis at the latest. Or maybe sure hope so. I sure hope so brandon and we got it. We got a whole lot more of those two record so you better get ready because get ready. We have to find time this season's almost over and they'll be time now. So yeah that's that's how that's it right. That's all the link anything yeah. We didn't miss anything. No i i did a great job done. I wanna know travis because you ask me all the time how are you doing. You know i can't complain. I'm i'm i'm doing pretty good. I mean i could complain. I just choose not to. I will abstain from the complaints Yeah no it's good. It's good it's monday. No new rick. And morty which is weird because we have gotten into such a pattern of having new episodes released watching them countless times immediately. You know putting our hot takes down on on google doc on and talking about it then we didn't. We actually did not record a at all last week no apathetic enthusiasm still on that burner So yeah it's it's kind of nice take take a week off And then here we are getting to share a an interview that i am so excited for folks to hear because this is this is one of those discussions. I don't know i. I really enjoyed having i. I don't know. I'm just going to hype as much as possible before we actually. It's it's it's it's hype city if there if there was a city in comic book then you'd be the mayor of it and it would be hype city. Yeah hype city. I'm the mirror of hype city. Get that vigilante mayor anyway. You're you're you're you're like a villain of of comic books. If you're like get that vigil absolutely absolutely no. i'm. I'm the mayor that like doesn't think the vigilante is following our laws and he's actually creating more crime than he's than he's preventing lamb your data. Whatever brought to justice are me pictures of that spider man. I mean unnamed. Anyway let's let's get right into the first segment of this year podcast Let's not waste any more time It's time for semi pertinent news. Doda older will lou download new bavaro. Don doo

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