A highlight from CYNICAL BASTARDS - CRYPTIC ONE Eps. 18


What's up guys. This is crystallized beats where we focus on shining late on the talent in the shadows we will be playing music from new up and coming artists as well as providing you with the links to the rest of their music and their social media. So check it out guys. What's that. I'm crystal. Lamar i am the host of crystallize beach. Podcast as well as the head writer for never near stomping ground blog. And i started this because i know how difficult it is to come up in the music industry and i wanna give these new artists of boost and give them a platform where they can make a name for themselves. And i've worked with some really great artists and we have some phenomenal artists to come so definitely subscribe to our channel and keep checking us out. What's up it. Sunday night in we are featuring a new beat producer on never near stomping ground blog so definitely go check that out at never. Nair dot com. Hey what's up tonight. We're going to be listening to a full instrumental by cryptic one called cynical bastards. And i chose this one because i can just picture nozzle or even maybe wu tang sitting in the studio getting ready to lay son lyric sound on the sick track. So let's get to it all right. So we listened to the instrumental track by cryptic one called cynical bastards. And i'm sure that after listening to it you can see what i meant by it. Being an old school like nozzle or wu tang joint and it's pretty phenomenal. He's really a genius. And i'm gonna put his information in the podcast notes so definitely go and check them out. Hey are you a

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