A highlight from Renovating Lives and Homes with HGTVs Mina Hawk


Hey everybody welcome to the for the love. Podcast with me jehangir. You're very very happy. Host as we continue on in our flipping the script series. We're going to be looking at all the ways that even changing our home our career and ultimately our point of view enables us to create new possibilities for ourselves with the one and the only meena. Hey everybody jin hat maker here. Your host of the for the love podcast. Welcome to the show so right now. We are in the middle of a series called for the love of flipping the script. We were really interested to talk to people right now. Who are pivoting. I think probably collectively. We are pivoting. Were were re entering life. Some semblance of normal is coming back. Whatever that really means and so. We're all in this season of like kind of a new story and so we really wanted to talk to learn from people who have done this themselves so maybe they flipped the script on their life on purpose. They started something new. They tried something new. They change their mind. They changed their life and for some of our guests. This script was flipped for them. And either way. I was interested to learn from them. What do they have to teach us right now. What lessons did they learn. What courage could they share and thought it was timely for a series like this for so many of us who scripts have changed whether by force or by choice. Either way what we do. So i have really wanted to talk to today's guest. For more than one reason she literally flips like she literally takes something old and what most people would say beyond repair and flips it and turns it into something beautiful and new slash old and stunning. And i also wanted to talk to her because she flipped the script on her own life on her own career on what she knew how to do what she was willing to learn how to do and so today. I have the absolutely incredible main a- hawk on now. If you know where you love you may have heard of her little show on. Hdtv called good bounce right good bounds and she is incredible is a superstar. I love what she has done and she'll tell you this but she doesn't have a background in construction. That's not what she grew up doing. It's not what she studied. She taught herself. She taught herself. She went to school for something entirely different but discovered this kind of passion. I mean there's no other way to describe it. It's it's her absolute entire life now. She discovered this passion and figured in a what. I'll teach myself a learn. I'll take a risk. I will pivot from where. I thought it was going. And i'm going to go this direction. Instead she built her business two chicks and a hammer with her mom and has also been growing her family like right in front of our eyes over the course of her show growing her business expanding and kind of every possible way and then most recently she added a new layer to her repertoire. She wrote a kids book called built together. And of course. I love it because it's centered around the idea of diverse families and what makes a family. I think we have a lot to learn from her for what it means to take a risk to make a change to make pivot to try something new even if it's a male dominated industry even if you don't have a history for it and you have to learn from scratch. I just drew a lot of inspiration from her. Today pasha's darling. She's absolutely darling podcast listeners. You might wanna pop over to the youtube channel so you can kind of say her too because she's got this like infectious way about her in a good way i are left. She literally was outside. Working on a remodel came inside for the podcast and went back to it and premiering a show tonight so hilarious anyway. That's over on youtube channel. If you wanna watch his talk and not just listen to us. Talk but any way you're gonna love her. You're gonna love this conversation and if you don't already love meena get excited

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