A highlight from Perttu Plnen discusses his new book 'Future Skills'


You throughout your whole life instead if you go in study. It's a coating which is important disc. Need quarter no. There should be more. Maybe but it will come go so maybe couple of decades and the sheen's will write their own code so we will have them likely this forever or if you want to study mandarin chinese of course it would be very useful for for you right now because there are so many people who are speech language but be in a couple of years meet. We can simultaneously translate languages. Lar- ear pods by broadway. So the the the skill doesn't help you the same way. You might think right now so i think that was very good answer because even futures was like really ahead no thinks that while wa- sophy and fine arts is actually you know the best deep to give yourself like i think those wonderful ends. Yeah i'd love one by one of my favorite sections in the books when you talk about creativity and say like like how everyone is inherently creative. 'cause i cannot tell you the amount of people i know it are very creative. That have told me they are not creative. And it's it's an inch really interesting phenomenon. And i love the that you touched on that and say like it's okay to want to only pursue like specifically coding but also learn how to be an artist and like also learn how to have these things. I love that so much but can be added value. You bring i think now the people who can put things together like c. problems from different angles. They have better chess. Jackie with solving the problems. So i think for example. Creativity is for me and i have a background as a composer To study art of i. I i love when i was a young kid so i have been in touch with my creativity in sense but anyway what creativity is for me. It's quite simple being updates just the ability to make choices because if you think of a situation where you have to be created. Let's say i tell you. Hey you should design a chair that somebody might be like well. I'm going to create you know. I don't know what should be on like. Come on it's a chair like what could possibly be like it can have three legs or forelegs or one leg. It can be blue red green and can be made out of booed or steel or concrete. Whatever it's difficult to come up with choice like different options. Different ideas i. That's easy but we sometimes called views it we created. Creativity may be the ability to take the potential options on proposed together and then come up with some new chair for example. So i think we have to maybe approach creativity as just a skill to make joyce like vying the potential ones from an infinite amount of options. Definitely so how rights book if at all affect your outlook on the future and on technology so how to what. I didn't hear the first part. How does how to oh on. How does writing this book affect your outlook on the future technology if it did it all well it did. I mean obviously when when you go deeper Baltin themes You see that everything's ogden on that a as as like what you might think that. I think it kind of gave me this sense that even though we talk about soft skills every now and then like well didn't really matter. They're like something that you do. If you have time for those really spending time around both skills can amid me realize that they are the core.

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