A highlight from 10/6/21: Bianca Andreescu, Danielle Collins, & Donna Vekic


Welcome to the tennis. Dot com podcasts. Wanna take a second and wrap up. Ta the fall. Tim has clap had in chicago. Deputy a five hundred. It was a great experience for my staff myself the city of chicago and the players it was shocking to see how many players had never been to this great city The level of competition. We had enrolled in. His draw was very similar to a masters one thousand We're forever grateful for the tour To bring that event here grover for the players their spirit or energy And the show that they put on and we hope that they come back For me personally. It was a real pleasure. Having you know people have competed against traveled with eating dinner with in my hometown. A great responsibility to sort of set them up for dinner. I set up practice for and make sure they had a good experience and it was. It was a real treat. And i hope i get that opportunity again. And let's take a look at this week. We've got probably the most exciting indian wells that we've had in a long time. And i say that because we're going to have an event where there's no novak known a doll no federer not no asaka no ash bharti. Hal of just coming off an injury and quite frankly. It is any person's dame to win and tennis we've long able to just sit back and bank on one of the big three coming through Over the past couple years if osaka's in the draw you know she's almost always allowed to win it and quite frankly tennis could use a little bit of unpredictability right now. it's gonna add a level to a level of excitement to this tournament. That has not been there before and I honestly don't even know who to pick. I mean it's anybody's game. Especially on the women's. I i wanna take a second introduce our next set up our next three podcasts. We had the pleasure of sitting down with bianca. Andress you and she was so old and so on so charismatic so conversational and so revealing. And i think all of us are in for a treat when you listen to this episode of we talk about The hangover effect. and what. it's like to win a slam. And what their next year is like what changes what doesn't change And how do you come back from it. We'll take a list. Welcome to the tennis. Dot com podcast. We had the pleasure of being with the twenty nineteen. Us open champion andress. Cue from canada. Welcome thank you happy to be here. So we'll start off with that. Please seventeen sloan one. Us open was like nine hundred. The world is open and then like life changes right. Tell me about how you going through the time. It not really knowing what to expect. And then sorta life changing after that. Literally life changing. I did not expect anything to happen of what happened in two thousand nineteen. I was going out there. Just you know the eighteen year old coming out playing from playing tournaments in two thousand eighteen. I was playing. Frigging twenty five ks in kansas city. And then you know. Having that first. Final in auckland beating amazing players was incredible and then in wells rogers cup. I think all of that helped contribute to my win at the us open. And plus. I was still considered a little bit of an underdog. So i wasn't expecting anything. I have as much pressure on my back. I just went out there. I gave my best And funny enough. My coach at the time sylvia bruno. He said that me and a doll would win the tournament at the beginning of the tournament. And then me an adult ended up winning and we just had that job every day. He would say oh. You're going to win it. You're gonna win it. And i guess there's just positive atmosphere as well that you know. Help contribute to everything but afterwards it was. Yeah super overwhelming. I'm super happy with everything that happened. Always say like you know people win a grand slam. It doesn't really come out of nowhere because you know people pay attention to the winner. Not the person that made the siamese of a quarter right but Indian wells happen. Rogers cup happened so it takes momentum to also win islamic army. Wanted she one indian wells while you look at Emma you know what around sixteen at wimbledon and then. She's doing finals hair. And what it doesn't really even on edge. It was like similar to toronto to. Because there's an addy then you sorta win. It doesn't always come out of nowhere.

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