A highlight from Debt Ceiling Deal Extended but For How Long? 2021-10-08

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Washington is breathing a bit easier today. Because late wednesday night democratic and republican senate leaders reached a deal to halt the government from defaulting. At least temporarily the short term debt ceiling increase is only good early december. But in the one day at a time. reality that is the norm for our governance. Congressional leaders are sounding triumphant for accomplishing short term. Fix we have reached agreement to extend the debt ceiling through early december. And it's our hope that we can get this done as soon as today. Democratic members and staff negotiated through the night in good face. Show is moving toward the plan. I laid out yesterday to spare. The american people a manufactured crisis legislative action in the capital has a pretty short time horizon but elected leaders are engaged in longer term planning on one thing midterm elections more than a year out from november twenty twenty two contested races in key states are already beginning to make headlines both democratic and republican leaders are strategizing fundraising gerrymandering and prognosticating at a fevered. Pitch all right. Let's talk about it. We've got michael steele former. Lieutenant governor of maryland previous chair of the r. n. c. and host of the michael steele. Podcast welcome back to the show michael. Hey how are you good to be back with you. It is so good. And i totally want to rename your podcast. Man of steel podcast. But you know we can. We can totally talk about that later. I have to tell you we actually start was the original name but what we found was the people just got confused with the actual man of steel like okay. That's complicated yeah. Let's fair enough. We're also here with christina greer from fordham university whose co host of the podcast faq nyc and author of the book black ethnics rage immigration and the pursuit of the american dream. Welcome back christina. Thank so much for having me. Michael and chris. This is for both of you. We've just been talking here about the debt ceiling and we send our young digital producers. Act buying them out this week. We wanted him to talk to some folks so he went around the nyu campus and basically asked people what they knew about the debt ceiling and how it affects them. I just want to take a listen to an answer. That's pretty indicative. Kind of responses we heard for starters. I don't know what it means. But i'm assuming it's talking about the fact that student debt is so high that like it's reaching like feeling that like it shouldn't be so high you know what i'm saying so obviously that's wrong but it occurs to me. The people are not necessarily very invested in a debt ceiling fight. Mike let me start with you. 'cause i guess in some ways the republicans have picked it. Why have this fight. If people aren't even sure what they're fighting about that's why you habit. The reason you have is is easier to Purvey and confusion and to create a narrative that is not exactly historically or otherwise correct. And so you know when you're out here making claims that you know for example. The biden administration needs to do this alone. Well that's never happened. It can't happen that you have to have a bipartisan resolution. One to The idea that oh you know the biden administration you know has to raise the debt ceiling pay for. It's it's social engineering of the american economy. Well that's just behest because what this what raising the debt ceiling is to pay back pay for the bills that were already created meaning in this case the eight trillion dollars that the trump administration spent over it for years. So if you have a public that is not engaged in the in the facts around what this is and what it isn't it makes it easier for a political operation To play out where you just so confusion and make it seem like this is a problem created by the other guy That that is actually extremely helpful to think up. Because i think we typically think christine. I'm even thinking like political science. We think okay people take meaningful positions and they're trying to kind of position themselves relative to the political parties. But if it's actually better to have a fight about nothingness than we. We don't even get to the big issues absolutely melissa. I mean think about this. We spent one month two months talking about critical race theory out of nowhere instead of talking about the hundreds of thousands of americans who've died because of copa and the ineptitude of republican leadership so the republican party has mastered this bayton switch That democrats oftentimes follow along and play along with But we have to understand that it. It's really them creating these nothing burgers for the public to argue about and think about Without a real conversation about what exactly is going on and so as we know. The stakes are so high. The republican party has really invested in a lot of confusion to make sure that they're never held accountable for live their policy positions because when we look at public opinion we see that the country is going in a direction that consistently moves farther and farther away from the washington. Dc republican elites know. What people really do understand though is is jobs and friday job. Numbers came out the pretty disappointing economy. One hundred ninety four thousand new jobs in september that way down from three hundred sixty six thousand august and more than a million in july. I'm wondering Christina if if there's only sort of so long that the democrats or republicans can have a nothing burger because people will notice in december if they don't have enough money to buy holiday gifts and pay those student loans. Absolutely emmy melissa you you know. Unite as political scientists know that people go to the polls based on their economic circumstances. That's what they vote about. You know lots of folks are like. Oh lat. Next populations vote based on immigration. Absolutely not vote just like everyone else pocketbook issues and do you have enough money for you and your family to move forward and i think the the larger issue with the democratic party has always been even with their successes. they're not great at articulating to the american public. What they have done how they have rescued the american public from horrid a republican policies that have almost pushed just often economic cliff in so even if americans don't have as much money as say they want or need or had a few years past Demo the democratic party needs to explain to the american public. what exactly it is. They're doing to make sure that there's a foundation being laid so people can actually have jobs moving forward if they don't have them right now. So michael i'm interested as we thinking about this like big questions here around The material circumstances of ordinary americans were thinking about these. You know sort of d. c. fights that nobody even knows what the fights are about and i gotta say i absolutely thought that at the end of the trump term that we were going to see an all out battle for the soul of the republican party that this was like the moment when we were gonna see witch. Republican party was gonna come into ascendance and whether it was going to be one that was really kind of on these issues Or one that was going to take you know. Questions like for example critical race theory to talk about. Is that battle happening. And i just don't see it. Because i might not be seeing it or is is it seated because i see the fight happening in the democratic party.

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