A highlight from My Unsung Hero: Jackie Briggs' Story

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Apply today we're excited to share one of the first episodes of on new podcast. My unsung hero. There are several other episodes that you can also here right now in the feed for that show so please head on over to listen and subscribe ign shankar survey danton and from hidden brain media. This is my unsung hero. Hey i wanted to share my story about an unsung hero shankar. I would like to talk about my hero on heroes. The men in the panama hat on the flight to boston is the plane. Unsung hero would definitely have to be my fifth grade teacher. Mrs abrahams she was to. I don't know who they were. I can't even remember their face. But i do remember what they did for me. I can't even express to you how much you've changed my life. Thank you thanks. Thank you for making me feel heard today. Story comes from. Jackie breaks and is she gently touched my arm. She said really. Don't wait moment. That changed jacky. Bricks is life came on a saturday afternoon in august. Two thousand six. I was attending what was billed. As a women's health conference turned out it was really a pitch for cosmetic surgery. Which really irritated me. But anyway at that point in my life. I was fifty two years old and for several years. I'd been working sixty hour workweeks in this high pressure. It job i had very little time for myself. So i really wanted to go and here this one particular speaker as a few hundred women milled. Around different booths picking brochures and eating crew to taes offered by the black painted. White shirted waitstaff. This lovely dark-haired woman came up to me and she said. Excuse me. But i can't help but notice your arm. I had what my boss later described as what he thought was a rose tattoo. It was on my upper right vice. And i was uncharacteristically wearing a sleeveless dress that day. Well this woman who. I have come to refer to as angela although i really don't know if that's how she introduced herself or affects the name. I have since given her but she asked me. If i'd seen a dermatologist. About this smallish. Irregular almost birthmark looking spot and i assured her i had she pressed me and said when and i had to stop to think i counted back. The munson no years. It had been over three years. I was supposed to follow up a year after But i was so caught up in my job. I never did. The dermatologist's office never reached out to me. Either so blah blah blah times on so. This woman urged me to call my doctor monday morning. First thing please don't wait. She said she explained. She was a nurse for plastic surgeon. Initi- gently touched my arm. She said really. Don't wait and thanks to her. I didn't wait in the following. Weeks of doctors appointments biopsies in the surgery or all a bit of a blurb but because everything very fast but my melanoma was removed and my six inch ragged scar. That travels almost from the top of my shoulders down. My arm is my everyday reminder of her angela. My guardian angel. She saved my life. Melanoma is a cancer. That metastasized is faster than any other except pancreatic. And if i hadn't listened to her. I probably wouldn't be here so to my hero nurse angela. Thank you for my life. Jackie briggs of portland oregon. She tells us that about two years after that conference and her melanoma surgery. She quit that sixty hours a week. I teach she also took up mountain climbing and summited twelve peaks when we spoke with her. She was happily retired going kayaking hiking and motorcycle riding whenever possible. We have an unsung hero of our own to share. Today laura chorale who is our lead producer on this project. Over the past few months laura has taken on my unsung hero with great skill and conscientiousness. This

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