Rep. Chip Roy Reacts to Biden Withholding Monoclonal Antibodies From Florida and Texas


Is even more horrifying And we have the Montgomery County judge here in Texas, which is near Houston. Who posted on Facebook yesterday, the day before. I'm not sure if you saw it where he right. He wrote out the 2000 Texans that were benefiting from the treatment that they had put in place to have a clinic or set up there to run these mono monoclonal antibody treatment. And it was successful. And this is where the vaccinated and unvaccinated and then now you've got the Democratic leadership in Washington coming in and saying no, no, no. We're going to step in and interfere with the market and create a problem that didn't really exist. And I look, I wrote a letter to the HHS on Monday, lighting them on fire about this and raising this issue up the flagpole and then load the whole We get 24 hours later, they were gonna have a briefing on Friday. We had that briefing today, Mark And I asked twice. I got cut off. And then I got back in Q asking a second time. Hey, how many, Uh, doses do you currently have a supply? How many can be made per month and what's the demand? You tell me the numbers. You show me how there's some massive national shortage that you've got to interfere, and they would never answer the question. Literally, he said. Well, we'll just have to get back to you. The numbers to wait you're stepping in and rationing care. Rationing what Texas can get, and you can't even tell me what the numbers are its political. They started off of saying seven states have 70% of the demand on this stuff and get never mind in January. It'll be 10 different states Mark because we know how this virus works. And yet that's what they're doing. It's political. It's purposeful and people's lives at stake. And they're doing it because they don't want to talk about treatment. Not just this. But after cork wine back when that was more effective. Let me tell you something about, uh Hattrick chloroquine. I've been taking that for months. Have heart disease and asthma. Has an harm me in any way.

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