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Sunday, injuring the two pilots onboard, damaging three homes on the ground. Nobody on the ground hurt. Authorities say both pilots managed to eject from the aircraft before it crashed in the lake Worth, which is just west of Fort Worth. Lake Worth police say no one None of the, uh people on the ground were hurt, but the pilots, one of them was electrocuted. He was severely burned when he got caught up in power lines. The other was found a short distance away in the woods. Both taken to area hospitals. Another example of a major company dangling big carrots to woo workers. As competition heats up for experienced pharmacists. Walgreens says it will give it a one time bonus of $1250 to its full time pharmacist. And $1000 to part time pharmacist, its latest evidence that companies are keen to hire and retain experienced employees can warm in with that report, North Korea's criticizing the U. S decision to provide nuclear powered submarines to Australia. And Pyongyang is warning of unspecified countermeasures if it finds the deal affects the North Security town hall dot com. The last 12 months, the Federal Reserve is added over $4 trillion to their balance sheet. It's led to an explosion in financial assets. Stocks BONDS COMMODITIES cryptocurrencies housing prices have all exploded higher. But the Federal Reserve can't keep this going forever. This is unsustainable. It's why you need advantage. Gold. We teach people how to own physical,

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