Texans Fall To The Browns, Brian T. Smith, Astros Comeback To Beat D-backs, Steve Sparks, NFL Talk - burst 31


Didn't get out of bounce. I yes that part of it but if i run out of bounds with fourteen minutes to go i scrambled out run out of bounds of fourteen minutes to go in the first quarter. The clock stops. Okay now. there's cert timing college. The rules have changed. The they'll they'll reset. There's a certain time at college when the clock stops but at certain running clocks in certain situation a game in either high school or college. But yeah when you go out of bounds. The clock status. Yes well take a look at it and see if i'm wrong because i watched it in in may Bigger had the ball. You went on a balance. The referees spotted the ball but he normally was blade their hands to stop the clock. It happened twice i. It was just a little slow but my one question that. I had our my one point that i wanted to say. Is you know garrett and cloudy. I did not hear their name. Probably twice while

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