Americans Deserve the Truth About Peter Daszak and Anthony Fauci


Does that say for our public. Health officials that someone like peter desk is able to insert himself is able to put himself into what is supposed to be a scientific journal and published a statement that covers his own interests but actually have has lose focus on china and focus on masks or vaccines are mass inoculation. The wuhan institute of veracity received six hundred thousand dollars from a five year three million plus grant that vanity fair said eko health alliance. Stop from wire. Where did they get it from the us national institute of allergy and infectious diseases. Which is headed up by tony. Thoug- so tony. She gave dacix the money to the eco health. Alliance the echo health alliance. Then gave it to the wuhan into the variety and they're they're then trading love letters like pen pals in their email saying hey thanks pal for covering our back year because we don't want people to know that we were actually involved in pushing the natural order in putting science of above morality that actually ended up having a leak which is now infected. The entire planet. Dr peter data if you go to ito eko health alliance dot org. It shows this long bio from him. And you start to realize that this man might have the disguise or the camouflage of being a medical doctor with dr. peter. Dasent is the ultimate mad evil. Scientists is the man behind the man that coordinates all of the things that foul. She can't do because technically he's restrained as being a government. Employee data is able to call the prime ministers of other countries. He's able to orchestrate lockdown type programs.

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