We Were Right To Suspect Voter Fraud in the California Governor Recall Election


More than three hundred allegedly stolen mail in ballots for the california's gubernatorial recall election. Were found in a man's car in a seven eleven parking. Lot last according to the torrance. Police department now. Why is the story important because this story confirms what we were talking on this program days and days and weeks after the election. Remember what that was which was a logical and reasonable argument that there is a ballot laundering. Enterprise that was established. Granny farming picking up ballots and putting them back to the system through sucker boxes. We were talking about this in this. Now this arrest in california shows that somebody is incentivized or at least maybe. He did this on his own. We don't know to go get ballots now. The federal bureau of investigation should be looking into those. I don't think they are right connor. They wouldn't be you know they wouldn't wanna waste their time with such important matters like this. They're much too busy. Kicking down rudy. Giuliani store the police department informed the public's man of rest august seventeenth which said thousand pieces of mail however people pointed out that the pieces of mail were mail in ballots they were completely intact and the alleged stolen mail in ballots will remain at the police. Department of property. Room is evidence. The two questions are this. How did the ballots ended up in his car. And what was his intent with the ballots and most importantly go look at his private communications. Who was giving him orders to get the ballots. Who's he paid to go scoop up ballots. Police are investigating whether the man or any under individualized specific intent to steal the ballots to conduct voter fraud. Be hard to believe if not. That's the case this guy said i've been a cop for seventeen years. Never come across vehicle over. Three hundred election ballots just sitting in the backseat.

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