A highlight from In the Dirt 24: Part One - Questions and Answers


Hello and welcome to in the dirt from ramble ride. Podcast i'm your host craig dalton and i'll be joined shortly by my co host. Randall jacobs in this week's episode. We're tackling our first qna episode. We've mentioned the ridership community on a number of occasions on this podcast. It's a community. That's full of vibrant questions all the time. So we thought we'd put out an asked to say what are the things you wanna learn about. What should randall an. Ib discussing and we were overwhelmed by the number of questions. We received so much so in fact that we're going to break this episode down into two parts so today will focus on part one and in the coming weeks were released part two before we jump into this week's episode. I'd like to thank this week. Sponsor thesis bikes as you know randall. Jacobs my co host in these in the dirt. Episodes is the founder of thesis bikes which you might not know is. It's the bicycle. I've been writing for the last. Let's say year and a half over. The course of this podcast. I've had the opportunity to ride many bicycles. And i keep coming back to my thesis as my number one bike in the garage. It really does deliver on the promise of a bike. That can do anything as many of you know. I operate with two wheel sets in the garage. So i've got a seven hundred. C wheels set with road tires. On and my go-to six. Fifty b wheel set for all my offroad adventures in the many many hours of conversation. I've had with randall. I've really come to appreciate how thoughtful he was in designing this bike and everything that goes in the thesis community randall. In the team are available for personal consults. Which i highly recommend you take advantage of if you're interested in learning more about the brand and figuring out how to get the right fit for your thesis bicycle in a shocking statement. I can actually express. That thesis has bikes in stock. It's something we haven't been able to say about a lot of bike brands these days during

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