Why an Israeli Military Option Against Iran Is Possible


Good morning. michael how are you. I'm good goodhew. Good to be back with you as always thank you yesterday. Jake sullivan the national security adviser to the president. Who is your friend. Robert o'brien speaks very highly of a met with national security council chairman. Y'all who lot who. I do not knowing have not heard of before as the us. Israel's strategic consulting group and international interagency bilateral forum met to discuss iran. What do you think they talked about in the think. Actually that this group of american presidents and advisers would ever strike against iran in a meaningful way alongside of israel. Well let me put it. Let me couch it as hope. Okay i don't know what they talk about i. I hope they talked about That jake sullivan. Usa today highest relevant told his israeli counterpart at the united states and tends to go back to the talks with the launch and And maybe they're optimistic about getting the jcp. A renewed in which case united states x. y. And the to enhances real security which means understanding. That's the united states understands that. He's iran violate the agreement. If he ron Starts moving ahead to enrich iranian more. Create a warhead or to. Put that warhead on top of ballistic missiles. The united states you consider that a violation and we'll acts accordingly either by itself oversupply by supporting israeli acted but also capability United states has military capabilities. That israel does not have. I don't wanna surprise anybody who does not have strategic bombers And the united states could land lease sale some of these capabilities to israel in the sand. I think very profound message to iran. you know. Don't don't mess with us

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