A highlight from Brisnet Call In Show - October 7th 2021


And it's a racist obviously as a stepping stone to the breeders cup juvenile each and every year part of it. i mean. i'm sure you've glanced at the all of the races this upcoming weekend at keeneland the it's just a powerhouse. Show just nonstop top to bottom starting with tomorrow all the way through sunday. Yeah looks like a really nice card on all three days that i'm gonna be out there I am going to be going to the breeders cup as well At del mar. So i guess. I'll be seeing a few horses out there I was gonna ask you. How's anthony's to build doing. I haven't heard him in a few weeks. Anthony is unfortunately no longer with the network. He's moved on to other things. You can still see him every day on the naira pre-game show talking horses and it's just one of those things where You decide to part ways but still keep in touch with him. He's doing well and the most important thing is he's much healthier now than he was a few months ago when he was really having some issues so That was one of the reasons that he wasn't on the air. He's doing well. He seems like he's in good spirits and he's just moved on well. That's fantastic to hear. I'm sorry to hear he's not with the show any longer. 'cause i really enjoyed listening to him but i'm glad he's doing well and you're doing a fantastic job as well and we thank you so much for your service and i'll take the rest off the air. I appreciate it dan. Thanks for your call dan. Dan's trip to keeneland sounds a lot. Like what my trip is going to be like to lexington next weekend although bans going to to see a lot of great steaks action over the weekend whereas when i go next week i'll still get to see some stakes races but not be major ones not the ones with possible. Breeders cup implications. Most of those are this weekend and they go into the middle of next week. I think with the jesmyn for the two year old fillies on the turf and of course you know dan get whether it's the thoroughbred charity. You know the or the spinster. Or what have you dance gonna get a lot of great racing keelan and sounds like he's going to go on farm tours. There are so many great farms out there and farms that are great sponsors of ours here at h. r. n. one of them is spendthrift and i'm happy to say that i am going to go to spendthrift for the first time in my life a week from tomorrow. Actually before on the air. For the friday edition of ray st presented by twin spires so looking forward to getting out there and seeing into mischief unseen unemployed girl and all the the great stallions. They have their at spendthrift. Dan's going to have a great trip as well taking the red eye tonight and getting out for all that great racing action keelan and speaking of great racing action at keeneland. A guy who probably never misses this opening weekend is our good friend action. Ed the rosa ed. Where will you be when keenan's running tomorrow. I'll be at my desk firing away. The twin spires all right. Well that's a that's certainly that's a that's acceptable answer. I was hoping you would say. I was hoping you'd say i'd be sitting in a box right at the sixteenth. Poll at keeneland with your twin spires app open but at your desk is okay as well. Pay some bills but Yeah very much looking forward to opening weekend. I think the cards incredible and should be a lotta fun. What what is the weather supposed to be like opening weekend. Have you glanced at it yet. I actually haven't came handicap for the website. I picked already by her friday But usually my kids are very anxious

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