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With me today is nicole and fani now are going to give a full disclosure or any hall and i have been longtime online friends in conference studies. We're going to have a good time. And i think that really what the big takeaway from andrea the purchase. That you really need to hang out with me at conferences because i know cool people knee hall welcomes the show. It's taken a little while to get you on my show. But i have finally done it thanks. Priscilla leadbeater yeah I hope you don't mind me super annoying because every time you do a like a demo or any kind of keynote at the conferences there. I am in the chat. Say this and that asking questions online. I asked him three more questions we love. Thank you always like how great. Yeah well there's one thing about paul sites. I think that i love the most as you're the ceo and founder. I'd like to hear kind of the inception story of of qualified. Because what makes it so interesting that really you know. Deep deep kwol but at Speed so i guess. That's the really the sum up about paul site. So tell me about how you dreamt that up and and how did they get started as the exemptions gone crazy. It's a funny story. We started several years ago. Nothing to do with inside who travel company called jarama actually doing something completely different. We're doing basically virtual travel helping people visit places. Virtually the big couldn't go to physically doing that. Through live robust live video technology before this even thing be one of the early start as of this and we we used in education in tourism invite variety of industries and We once Started do a couple of things and insights and we were trying to be. The jack rotates initially oxley And we realized that we needed to focus on one thing and that's why we can win through a whole process that we check you know five to seven different industries as to where technology would be most viable married really see You know the most value And solve the biggest pain point. And that's how it kind of turned. It turned into insights insights to find that we would be insights company. Ironically actually makes needs so happy because as you know. I cried marketing to the insights community. And every time i say oh well where's your sick survey are where your focus groups whereas your waller quiet and they're like we don't do those things i love. I love i love to hear. The qualifies actually has insights about their own company. Thank you that made us going to pivot and go all into insights into thousand eighteen and when we came in we will actually this live tech company. That allowed you to basically do remote ethnography. That was the first thing we didn't have been bought. The technology from the foreign kind of repurpose set in in this area but what we realized soon enough was inquisitive in generally hit to these big players in quantum some great stuff going on there with quality is kind of an open field where there was no clear leader where there was a lot of companies doing one little thing and that's what we realized there was much more even what we were doing initially was that one little thing of live dogfight realized have so much more opportunity out there. Because going back to your question on deep quo deep call is meant to be something where you can really truly mix and match bears methodologies to get those nuance insights and nobody was kind of offering a broad platform yet. Deep that from to do that. And that's why we expanded offering kind of horizontally and vertically to offer this full stack offer qualitative Technology tool that rent beyond if you think of agile quality world throws that solon all the time last couple years right but with agile quo. Most times onto tend to you. Tend to see is a one or two minute video right. And therefore you don't get the depth of course on the flipside he'd put your focus groups and interviews that give you the depth of the not the speed and so what we've done is combined the best of both by giving the body to do ason squall so with the mobile former mobile. I is about from consumers can download our app and bar space and projects that have a variety of different toxin questions involved in various activities those could be ranging from you no longer long form videos in ten twenty minute videos of entire processes for example shopping in a store using productive home any kind of behavioral stuff to mixing and matching those with in a diary study. So it doesn't have to be just a mission type project could be entire dairy studied could be study. That combines mental algae's like a diary study with an interview l. for example thirty consumers on a diary and then taking ten of those and doing an interview all within the same platform because he built a really flexible tech stack that allows our clients to mix and match those technologies seamlessly whether they live like interviews focus groups or eysenck mess and all being done virtual on this is of course precourt and you're in covert of course can even more important and then that's just one side of the equation right if you think of capturing that helps you capture all of this data in vibrator grazyna flexible in deep way but then to analyze data. Especially it's call. It's unstructured data. That's where suite of tools. Come in we really have a very strong tech stack around to truly make it faster for somebody to get to get to those final insights and now we're not saying. Does the work wet. It's a does the grunt work and behaves like an assistant. so you still need the human. You need human nuance to understand nuance like other day. You can tell us that high level human for high level worse. That's the whole point. You'll get to use the human. For the strategic woken up the grunt works the takes away all of the grunt work and gives the human the villages to the work that they love and not the word that they don't enjoy the work that is cumbersome and time consuming process is all about recruiting consumers capturing data analyzing data and presenting the all. Right right. now you you said a couple of things. I want unpack a little bit. I all you talked about you through that word out there full stack and i've got to say i wouldn't use that whiteley because you and i both know that out there in the market. What you alluded to is there are a lot of players tweets little visas as everything but bringing together really becomes the end clients problem so then they have to be like well. Great this person this. This companies created this. This company's created this. The i need all of these mixed methodologies. I need a little bit of everything as dossier so within a project where they've got a project within each mix match couple things within that broader definitely of course across projects as well. That's where then they tend to have to work with multiple vendors and do all the stuff data is not nestle transferable. And you start to get to this. Really hodgepodge of tools put together nance where we realized a big gap. And that's why we built this from the ground up to build mix and match these various methodologies. Yeah i i could ask this. Is it in those gaps when people are going between vendors where some of that nuance some of that juicy. -ness of the insights that they thought are lost or just not. You know they're they're. They're captured in one place but maybe not brought over to the next methodology is. That's what happening for people that happens. That definitely happens at times within. Also things happen so for example. Everybody realizes that they and wants desires to do kwan. Clo- faster and cheaper and better bread and so then. They hear about agile quality doing traditional type wall. Whether it's in person stuff which of course right now in the last couple of years. That's not happening much but In general you know the focus group type of recall based methodologies but then they've heard of agile call and they wanna do that and then they go and they start to do these quick videos they see somebody from that but then they miss the depths and then that is where we fill that gap. Where of course we can do the quick video of too but really when you want to get in deeper quoted project being able to do that still fast using those various smart behavioral capture methods paired with that. Ai stack allows them to really get the

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