After Years Of Delays, NASA's James Webb Space Telescope To Launch In December

Short Wave


Science correspondent nell greenfieldboyce with some exciting. Strana me news high now. Hey they're re too so today. We're gonna talk about nasr's next big space telescope. The james webb space telescope. This is a behemoth that is sometimes called the successor of hubble and it will be the biggest most powerful telescope ever put into space. And i here. We finally have launched aid. It's been a long time coming. Indeed indeed it has and now it's supposed to launch on december eighteenth. Hasn't this telescope being in the works for over twenty years. Yeah yeah i i reported on it for. Npr back in two thousand and seven. That's when they built this giant life sized model of the thing and we're bringing around the country. I went to see it when it was set up here in dc down by the white house and all the monuments and to me it looked like this big ray gun that was about to zap the dome off the capitol building description. And that's an unusual. Look for a telescope right. I mean usually space telescopes look like metal tubes but not this one nothing like this has been put out into space before

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