These Republicans Better Push for Joe Biden's Impeachment


If you're going to lie about the fact that you were told your State Department was told I believe it was in June or July In a cable from State Department staff in Kabul That the situation was bad and that country and government could collapse You're gonna lie To the then president Afghanistan and tell him to lie to the American people in the world that the war is going okay when he's telling you they're getting whipped and they're under invasion from terrorists out of Pakistan and so forth And then you're gonna lie and say that your generals to a man Did not advise leaving even a small footprint That's for damn lies about a war And I expect Ben sasse and Mitt Romney and I expect Liz Cheney and Adam kings singer To demand the impeachment of this man I expect them to stand up What do you have a one standard for Trump and one standard for Biden for God's sakes Trump did nothing even close to what place here Nothing This guy Ben sasse and Mitt Romney Lisa Murkowski and the rest of them Liz Cheney is a fraud A fraud She says she supports national security Where is she Still chasing down Trump Adam kings are your where's that clown on CNN

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