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Roehi. I'm wrong rolling. We're rolling everybody. Welcome to the valley cast. You know. I just want to say right off the bat that we've had our boy kevin here few times now and it's been quite a treat abbey here my bank. You think you fit right in with the boys script up. I think you have and all of this now. the is the confidence is growing. But here's the thing we've always wanted you to be a part of things. Yeah and it was all based on your comfort. Level like everything we've ever thrown onto people in our careers as comedians has all been based on like. What are you comfortable about it right real bitch about it so much fun. It's fun to have you on and honestly people have been enjoying it. Oh about me shitting my pants all. Yeah yeah we're hoping maybe you got some. Because here's the thing man you guys elliott and joe and myself have spoken ad nauseam about all every corner of our memories that we can now and it's it's starting to get like weird for people like me and for for people like uh-huh who make content like this like mike and i when we do dynamic banter shout out one time at that out You know we. We get told by our audience via emails about things that we don't recall ever saying. Oh for sure. And it's a big problem with us because we make analysts pieces of kanda. We've made unless pieces of content and so it's like we really run the gamut of shit that we can talk about and at this point. We're just hoping for new things to happen to us so that we can continue to be even an ounce of interesting but the fact that we have you here a brand new baby boy fresh out of the fucking podcasts womb. We've much trauma we get that it's going to involve. Yeah real life. I've never seen one really everybody's only seen that drawn. Yeah i've seen isn't. It is a core copa. A natural thing or is it just like a woven basket. Go into a cornucopia garden and there's little woven filled with various types of fruits and it just throws right around when i've seen cornucopia 's in real life it seems like i actually assemble them for a county fair. Say i don't know. Do you know the difference between a cornucopia and a concubine. Yes okay tell you what my mom had a just right size for my my dig in it Joe is going to look up. What a cornucopia is. And we'll circle back what i wanted to talk to symbol of plenty consisting of goats horn overflowing flowers honky bore ornamental container shaped like a goat's horns so it looks like for in his but yeah it started out as definitely a goat's horn. Yeah wow because horn of plenty. Everybody does so much more barbaric than it than illustration would have had us. Oh cornucopia corn horn copious copious latin cornu For horn and copious for abundant slow. How there you go and ripped us off a fucking goat. Let's rip it off a goat. Let's hollow it out and put cherry's harry's any barriers and jerry's someone horn full fruit. I don't know if the goat things for thanksgiving gift to give to somebody. I gifted you a cornucopia in the way that our ancestors wants the equivalent modern times to being gifted an edible arrangements. We think that's about it yet. Another mythic or kofi get. Yeah that seems which is also kind of like an or any mayor in an iranian warren men arrangement in another myth the cornucopia was created when heracles the roman hercules wrestled with the ripper. God achey lous activists and ripped off one of his horn. I haven't oculus at home. I use to watch friends anyways. I don't know if it's alm- shaped like goat's horn if was actually using it so i don't wanna say for sure. If it was or not actual goat harvested. Isn't it crazy that all that stuff really happened. like cleese. like fighting river beasts and stuff really half So so yes welcome. I have something to talk about right off the bat me. You seem excited excited. Is maybe the wrong word by so i was invited to yesterday. I was invited to and was invited to yesterday. I was invited to yes. Men in cote came up to me from the dark alley. I can take you to yesterday. You seem like a curious man. Yeah i don't know what i do we should. We should bring that back up later if we could go back to yesterday. What would you change. Let's wait on now. don't forget it. Okay i got an i'm running. It got it so my friend invited me to and this is something that she'd been suggesting for for a bit that we go to an animal shelter. And just kinda like. I've done that poem animals. Just kinda see some beebees. Yeah you'll feel for what's up tone in the world. Serotonin a little bit of interest though. Because you might fall in love i mean and that's that's the real rub in that when you go to a place like that. I mean that was the the overwhelming feeling. I had entering the place. But once i had like walked around a little bit started to dawn on me that it is quite depressing Place because you want to save them from because you want to save every single one of them. And i was like man. Isn't it weird. That i feel a little bit sadder here than at any funeral. I've ever been to walk. How fell more somber to me because it was like. Certainly there is pretty calm. Chill whatever everybody's got a dog they want or they want the little pep right and they certainly have the gamut of personality types but So it feels to me like you know they're not all gonna be euthanized but some of them certainly are and that's the hard truth of this society this world we live in and i didn't expect

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