Marc Elias Connected to Dark Money Network While Funding Liberal Intiatives


Joe Shop Stall. Fox News, a top Democratic lawyer. Uses a massive dark money network to push voting rights so called and restricting lawsuits across the country. A setup that a government watchdogs say will provide nearly unlimited funding. Marc Elias, who has become one of the most influential liberal attorneys in Washington, recently departed the Perkins Coy law firm to start the Elias Law Group. But he did most of his dirty work in my opinion while he was with this firm Elias is firm will focus on electing Democrats supporting voter rights and help progressives make change, according to a Perkins. Press release, but before departing the heavyweight firm Used by an extensive list of powerful Democratic politicians. Alas, position himself with summer groups tied to a dark money juggernaut. That would help in efforts to push back against the likes of voter ID. And restricting lawsuits across America. Now. Elias in July 2020 registered Democracy Docket LLC, a site dedicated to acting as a hub for opinion, advocacy and information on voting rights, elections and redistricting. Virginia business records show. As part of the efforts Democracy docket Legal fund led by Elias was created. The legal fund is a fiscally sponsored project of the Hopewell Fun Look at all the layers. A nonprofit managed by Washington consulting firm Arabella Advisors. Eric Bella managed funds Act as a conduit for deep pocketed liberal donors to stealthily bankroll numerous left wing groups.

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