Man United's Poor UCL Form Continues



Start with one of the first matches of the day from group. Play manchester united away two young boys and despite having an early lead through cristiano ronaldo goal in the thirteen. Th minute manchester. United fall to one airlangga. Asakusa sent off in first half after that it was pretty much. All the swiss champions who scored twice in the second half their game winner comes off a jesse lynn guard. Air jordan p faulk. The american provides the winner for young voice. Craig to slip it in. There was a story of the game after all. What a way to kind of squander momentum of the weekend you even even lives in amman our expected to still see united stronger than the where against a team who i think of a five games into this season only have eight points setting and fourths or not not the strongest sade and even up to that point eight minutes or so. When he got sent off wasn't a brilliant performance. Yeah rinaldo surprise. Surprise gone go to target and ninety minutes or we lose amman. Not not very good no.

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